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Jeudi 12 février 2009

Plus intéressant : toujours à l'occasion de la 150° sortie de Revelation, une compilation de groupes reprenant des standards du label verra également le jour. Tracklisting :
1. Sick of It All- Warzone- 'As One'
2. Terror- Side By Side 'Friends'
3. Ignite- Youth of Today- 'Disengage'
4. Death By Stereo- Youth of Today 'Break Down the Walls'
5. Set Your Goals- Gorilla Biscuits 'Forgotten'
6. The Twilight Transmission- Quicksand 'Clean Slate'
7. Ambitions- Bold 'Running Like Thieves'
8. Down To Nothing- Judge- 'What It Meant'
9. Countdown To Life- Insight Out 'Burning Fight'
10. Bold- Supertouch 'Searching For The Light'
11. Damnation AD - Gorilla Biscuits 'Hold Your Ground'
12. Capital- Burn- 'Out Of Time'
13. Backlash- Bold 'Wise Up'
14. The Mediam- Civ- 'Et Tu, Brute?'
15. Triple Threat- No For An Answer- 'Without A Reason'
16. The Scare- Battery- 'Brand New Place'
17. Mikoto- Texas Is The Reason 'Back and To The Left'
18. Walter Schreifels of Gorilla Biscuits/Quicksand- Sick of It All 'Pushed Us Too Far'/'Friends'
19. Ignite The Will- Shai Hulud- 'For The World'
20. This is Hell- The Movielife/Civ medley

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