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The Selection #2 : Melvins reviewed by Boris E-mail interview, 2018

Melvins is the typical example of a band which had a significant impact on a whole section of the metal/heavy rock scene, while always keeping an underground status. One could explain that in the fact that Melvins are outsiders in this scene of outsiders. In 2018, they celebrate the 35th anniversary of a career filled to the brim with heavy riffs and sonic experimentations. The trio just released Pinkus Abortion Technician, which is nothing less than their 27th album ! To pay tribute to this massive contribution to distorted music, and also help newcomers to orientate themselves in this labyrinth of LPs, we asked Atsuo and Takeshi from Boris to select the pith and marrow of the combo from Montesano.

The best album to discover the band : 
Eggnog (1991)

"I was totally blown away when I heard it for the first time. Elaborate riff arrangement, distinctive tempo, heaviness, and still catchy. It is a classic record." Takeshi

Your favourite album of the band : Bullhead (1991)

"As some people may know, my band name “Boris” is taken from the song on this record. This album has changed my life forever. Sound production is very rough and simple but it has had sole reality made by the band. A huge music genre called “Melvins” is established by this record. All-time favorite and best without a doubt" Atsuo

The album to deepen your knowledge of the band : Lysol (1992)

"Whenever I hear the record I get new impressions and inspiration. Slow, heavy, lengthy songs kill boring heavy rock that caught up in stereotype. I like the fact that it's constructed as variations of a musical suite as well." Takeshi 

Their most underrated album : Salad of A Thousand Delights (1992)

"It is a live video. I have seen so many live footages of Melvins from this period, this is definitely the best thing, and this is the video I have seen the most frequently in my whole life. There were mysterious stuff when I heard the record but I got everything when I watched it. No words needed." Atsuo

A good recent album by them : Sugar Daddy (2011) 

"One of the greatest things about Melvins is live, I love their live recordings. This is the album that catches their twin drum era perfectly. Tense performance of old songs like “Eye Flys” and “Boris” are highlights !" Atsuo

You can find the older Selection  interviews here : #1 The Cure reviewed by Neige (Alcest) 

Neredude (Juin 2018)

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