Titre : A Gate Through Bloodstained Mirrors Année : 2001
Nombre de titres : 13

1. Intro
2. Moon Shrouded In Misery (Part I)
3. Suicide In Dark Serenity
4. Dwell Beneath The Woods Of Evil
5. Cursed By The Memory Of Light
6. Possession Of Desolate Magick
7. Storms Of Red Revenge
8. A Spell Within The Winds
9. Summon The End Of Time
10. Gate Through Bloodstained Mirrors
11. Kingdom Of Burning Crucifixions
12. Moon Shrouded In Misery (Part II)
13. Black Spell Of Destruction / Channelling The Power (Burzum Cover)
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Labels : Daymare Recordings , Hydra Head Records , Profane Productions , Total Holocaust Records
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