Titre : The Morning Sun & The End Of The World Année : 2017

The Bright Lights Of A Hidden City

I Quit My Job So I Could Play More RPGs

The Happy End Overshadows The Forthcoming Drama

A Day Off Spent The Right Way

Ted's Radio Appearance Made Me Fall Asleep

The Flat Earth Society Has Members All Around The Globe

Thank You Very Much For Gathering Today

Like A Mixture Of A Power Ranger And A Reptile

The Journalist

Someday That Video Will Serve As Proof Of How Idiotic Things Were During This Period

The Value Of The Art Of Listening

Pepper&Caraway Seed

The Dilemma Of Having Conservative Kin

...Just When I Thought I Was Done Being The Mediator
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Babanez 16.5 / 20 Le 01/06/2018 à 05H09

Je l'ai pas encore écouté mais c'est juste pour signaler que sur l'artwork c'est Shinji Ikari dans le dernier épisode V1 de Evangelion.

Edit: Après écoute, c'est une petite bombe ce truc! Vraiment spéciale la prod, mais vraiment bon.