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Titre : Forget Everything And Remember (The Lost And Obscure) Année : 2022
Nombre de titres : 13

01. Forever Always Comes To An End
02. To The Other Shore Of The Night
03. Vet For The Insane (Fields Of The Nephilim Cover)
04. Vitrescent
05. The Seventh Sorrow
06. ...And They Carried Death In Their Eyes
07. Ghost Walking (Mighty Sphincter Cover)
08. Raise The Dead (Bathory Cover)
09. Crystalline Pyre (Rehearsal Demo)
10. You Exist For Nothing (Rehearsal Demo)
11. The Night Took Her Right Before My Eyes (Live At Roadburn 2017)
12. The Seventh Sorrow (Live At Roadburn 2017)
13. Fear Lights The Path, Close To Our Hearts (Live At Roadburn 2017)
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Label : Vendetta Records

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