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Titre : Released From Love / You, Whom I Have Always Hated (avec The Body) Année : 2015
Nombre de titres : 10

1) Her Strongholds Unvanquishable
2) The Devils Of Trust Steal The Souls Of The Free
3) Terrible Lie
4) Beyond The Realms Of Dream, That Fleeting Shade Under The Corpus Of Vanity
5) He Returns To The Place Of His Iniquity
6) Lurking Fear
7) The Wheel Weaves As The Wheel Wills
8) Manifest Alchemy
9) In Meetings Hearts Beat Closer
10) Coward
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Labels : Daymare Recordings , Thrill Jockey Records
Collection : 1 membre possède cet album.

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Style : Sludge / Doom
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Origine : USA
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