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Pochette Spotted Horse
Pochette Full Upon Her Burning Lips
Pochette Our Voices Will Soar Forever Pochette Back In Business
Pochette Algleymi
Pochette Carrion Spring
Pochette Downward Motion
Pochette Old Star
Pochette The Chosen One Pochette A Throne of Ash,

Titre : Live At Budokan Année : 1992
Nombre de titres : 25

1) march of the s.o.d.
2) sargent d and the s.o.d.
3) kill yourself
4) momo
5) pi alpha nu
6) milano mosh
7) speak english or die
8) chromatic death
9) fist banging mania
10) the camel boy
11) no turning back
12) milk
13) vitality
14) fuck the middle east
15) douche crew
16) get a real job
17) the ballad of jimi hendrix
18) livin' in the city
19) pussy whipped
20) stigmata
21) thieves
22) freddy krueger
23) territorial pissings
24) united forces
25) Bonus Track
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