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Pochette Full Upon Her Burning Lips
Pochette Our Voices Will Soar Forever Pochette Back In Business
Pochette Algleymi
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Titre : YPLL Année : 2013
Nombre de titres : 12

1) Modern Balls
2) Mature Science
3) Don't Fall In Love With Yourself
4) You Lost Me At "It Wasn't My Fault"
5) Congratulations, You're Good Enough
6) Soviet Reunion
7) Greasy Psalms
8) I've Had It Up To Here, I'm Going To Prison
9) The Art Of Really Really Sucking
10) Biological Process Of Politics
11) Nose To Tail
12) Consider The Scab Already Picked
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Label : Epitaph Records

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Style : Punk / Hardcore / Rock / Noise
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