Titre : Epic Loon Année : 2018
Nombre de titres : 29

- CD01 -
01. Epic Loon Theme

02. In space, no one can hear you make yourself a sandwich
03. Nostromo cryo system: fresh ice cream guaranteed!
04. An S.O.S from LV426 takes 6M years to reach Belgium
05. Acheron, the Calpamos moon, is also the name of our cat
06. Xenomorphs are just big chickens after all

07. For the smile of a child with a dolphin t-shirt
08. Evil nutshells with hay fever vs all people named Renée
09. Did prehistoric giraffes wear long ties?
10. It's way too hot to drink rustproof engine oil
11. The best vacuum cleaners were produced during the Cenozoic era
12. Tyrannosaure+Châlet/7=Taupinière-(n/Saumon)²
13. Damned raptors!
14. Programming naughty pictograms in Python

- CD02 -
01. Epic Boss Theme

02. Un quadrilobe à palmette fleurdelysé, ça a du chien
03. Even in the Carpathians, taking a train is still faster than riding a ghoul
04. What would Chester Copperpot have to say about this?
05. A quantum mirror may generate self-petrified gorgons
06. Tidal energy through a rat's perspective

07. Cette année, on anticipe les mites avec un inhibiteur de la pompe à proton
08. Fishermen's villages usually hide ninjas
09. Luckily, reptiles use condoms. Phew! No chlamydia this time...
10. Bubbles will be crapped in glue over Tokyo's harbour
11. Muzzle, snout, fire, muzzle
12. Death by uranium hexafluoride
13. Mullet haircut Grand finale
14. Score Theme Extended
15. Epi The Clown
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Label : Apathia Records
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