Vendredi 10 juin 2005

Voici la tracklist de Legacy, le prochain Madball :
01 - "Adapt And Overcome"
02 - "Heavenhell"
03 - "Behind These Walls"
04 - "Legacy"
05 - "Timebomb"
06 - "Darkest Days"
07 - "The Crown"
08 - "War And Hate"
09 - "Until Then"
10 - "Final Round"
11 - "Damned"
12 - "For My Enemies"
13 - "100%"
14 - "Hardcore Pride"
15 - "H.C. United"
16 - "Worldwide"
Ca sort le 2 août.

Lundi 09 mai 2005

Madball et H2O seront en concert le 22 juin à Moulins.

Samedi 30 avril 2005

Madball viennent de signer chez Ferret Records (Every Time I Die, Blood Has Been Shed).

Mardi 26 avril 2005

Madball finissent la pré prod' de leur prochain opus...

Lundi 11 avril 2005

Attention voilà ce que devrait être l'affiche du Fury Fest 2005 et ça fait mal :
Jello Biafra, Megadeth, Slayer, Anthrax, The Exploited, Motorhead, Millencolin, Turbonegro, Dimmu Borgir, Fantomas, Int Noise Conspiracy, In Flames, Sick Of It All, Dissection, Obituary, Arch Enemy, Madball, Samael, Amen, H20, Anti Flag, Uncommonmenfrommars, Integrity, 25 Ta Life, After Forever, Knorkhator, The Old Dead Tree, Backfire, Kruger, Inside Conflict, , Neurosis, Kreator, Pennywise, My Dying Bride, Lofofora, The Misfits, Lacuna Coil, Dark Tranquility, Soilwork, Anorexia Nervosa, Eths, Napalm Death, Walls Of Jericho, Immolation, Black Bomb A, Arkangel, Floggin Molly, US Bombs, Sikht, Cephalic Carnage, Illdisposed, Zull FX, Aborted, Sunno))), Reveal, Stretch Armstrong, Most Precious Blood, Cataract, Coprofago, Necrophagist, Beecher, Maroon, Diecast, , Amon Amarth, Harleys War, Behemoth, Last Resort, Enslaved, Envy, Cult Of Luna, Zao, The Business, 999, Paint It Black, Epica, Jesu, Murphy's Law, Merauder, High On Fire, Bleeding Through, Crisis, Right 4 Life, Discipline, Everybody Gets Hurt, Malkovich, 100 Demons, Lengtche, X Vision, Furia, Trepalium, Hellmotel, Nevrotic Explosion, GTI, Ultra Vomit, Warscars, Taliandorogd.