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Titre : Mothership Année : 2007
Nombre de titres : 24

1) Good times bad times lp version
2) Communication breakdown
3) Dazed and confused
4) Babe I m gonna leave you
5) Whole lotta love
6) Ramble on
7) Heartbreaker
8) Immigrant song
9) Since I ve been loving you
10) Rock and roll
11) Black dog
12) When the levee breaks
13) Stairway to heaven
14) The song remains the same
15) Over the hills and far away
16) D yer mak er
17) No quarter
18) Trampled underfoot
19) Houses of the holy
20) Kashmir
21) Nobody s fault but mine
22) Nobody s fault but mine
23) Achilles last stand
24) In the evening
25) All my love
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Label : Atlantic Records
Collection : 2 membres possèdent cet album.

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