Titre : Blood: Franz Ferdinand Année : 2009
Nombre de titres : 9

01. Feel the Pressure" ("What She Came For" dub version)
02. Die on the Floor" ("Can't Stop Feeling" dub version)    
03. The Vaguest of Feeling" ("Live Alone" dub version)
04. If I Can't Have You Then Nobody Can" ("Turn It On" dub version)
05. Katherine Hit Me" ("No You Girls" dub version)
06. Backwards on My Face" ("Twilight Omens" dub version)
07. Feeling Kind of Anxious" ("Ulysses" dub version)
08. Feel the Envy" ("Send Him Away" dub version)
09. Be Afraid" ("Dream Again" dub version)
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Label : Domino Records
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