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Titre : Timeline Année : 2009

CD 1 :
1) Ayreon's Quest
2) The Awakening
3) Eyes Of Time
4) The Accusation (Semi-Acoustic Version)
5) Sail Away To Avalon (Single Version)
6) Listen To The Waves
7) Actual Fantasy
8) Abbey Of Synn
9) Computer Eyes
10) Back On Planet Earth
11) Isis And Osiris
12) Amazing Flight

CD 2 :
1) The Garden Of Emotions
2) The Castle Hall
3) Mirror Maze
4) The Two Gates
5) The Shooting Company Of Captain Frans B. Cocq
6) Dawn Of A Million Souls
7) And The Druids Turned To Stone
8) Into The Black Hole
9) The First Man On Earth
10) Day Two: Isolation

CD 3 :
1) Day Three: Pain
2) Day Six: Childhood
3) Day Twelve: Trauma
4) Day Sixteen: Loser
5) Day Seventeen: Accident?
6) Age Of Shadows (Edit)
7) Ride The Comet
8) The Fifth Extinction
9) Waking Dreams
10) The Sixth Extinction
11) The Memory Of Remains (Previously Unreleased)
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