Mika's blog : "My Best of 2018 - in case anyone cared" [#3, 2019]

So y'all got sick of TOP year end lists ? Well that's too bad, 'cause we got another one for you. But we reckon this one is worth checking out, as we GUARANTEE you will discover at least one cool album in Michael Berberian's top 2018 list. And funnily enough, this list has a lot in common with our editor's team TOP year end list.

Bask : Ramble Beyond.

What if Solstafir was from North Carolina? Folk, Americana, and still on our world, That album obsessed me.

The Lions Daughter : Future Cult.

The split with The indian blanket was what made me sign that band. After a first album that wasn't risky enough, they found their uniqueness. Aggressive, but sounding like no one else. That band has the potential to become something truly exceptional.

Gogo Pinguin : A Hundrum Star

Love it from the last note to the end. The best of what jazz has to offer in 2018

The BodyUniform : Mental Wounds Not Healing
Inhuman. Noisy. Sick.

A Perfect CircleEat the Elephant

Yes, my son listens to it more than I do, but it works.

DaughtersYou Won't Get What You Want

With this album, I got exactly what I wanted. Pure negativity.

Ken ModeLoved

Hard to get into, very satisfying when you do.

Nier Automata : OST

Loved the game, loved the soundtrack

Craft : White Noise Black Metal

Best BM album 2018

LowDouble Negative

Good music to test how good your speakers are

Soft Kill : Savior

Best old school Cold Wave band in 2018

Mark LaneganWith Animals

Dark, dark folk rock

Bliss Signal : S/T

Because we need Altar of Plagues to reform

Bwana : Capsule Pride

Because Akira.

Oldies discovered only this year :

Eliot Sumner : Information

Just a great album, had no idea she was Sting daughter

Coaltar of the Deepers : Yukari Telepath
Japanese up tempo weirdness. How am I supposed to say no?

Things I have heard but who are only coming up next year :


It's just fabulous…. This would have been my #1 2018.

Vltimas : Something wicked Marches In

A LOT of people are going to shut up after hearing this. This is setting the records straight.

Heilung : What I heard in the studio was just fantastic. 

The nordic Dead Can Dance.

Gaahls Wyrd : What I heard in the studio was super promising

Best Gym albums

Misery indexNew album 2019 

Testosterone fueled album that makes you lift heavier :)

Rotting ChristThe Heretic

This one makes you run faster :). That band has such a drive, it gets you agitated.

Song of the year :

The Lions Daughter - Die into us 

By Michael Berberian

Neredude (Janvier 2019)

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