Concours The Story So Far

The Story So Far (FB), The American Scene (FB), The Decline et Sail to North seront en concert le mercredi 15 mai aux Combustibles (Paris).

The Story So Far :
"The Story So Far are the West Coast’s brightest star in pop punk. Based in San Francisco Bay Area’s East Bay the band has developed a rabid following, routinely running up and down the coast.

Under Soil And Dirtis the band’s debut full length. It follows up two highly acclaimed EPs, the most recent of which being a 7 inch split with Maker. While it’d be easy to lump TSSF in with some of the other pop punk bands making waves, Under Soil And Dirt pushes the band out of the conventional box.

While the album is catchy and full of melody it often tows the line between hardcore and hard rock all while clearly making a statement about the band’s punk rock leanings. The songs are honest, sincere, and emotional and the music behind the lyrics is as heavy as it is accessible. This is absolutely a definitive release for TSSF, the record just speaks for itself"

The Decline :
"On continue donc dans les groupes qui poseront leur valises pour la première fois en France avec The Decline
ça vient tout droit d'Australie , c'est rapide , bien fait , efficace et MELODIQUE !!!! Bref on adore "

Craze Records et Feuzeul Booking mettent en jeu 02 places. Pour participer rien de plus simple il vous suffit de répondre à la question ci-dessous. Les places sont en vente sur Digitick et Weezevent. Toutes les infos sur la page Facebook de l'événement.
Bonne chance !
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