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Date Samedi 30 septembre 2023 à 18:30
Groupes Predatory Void, Helleruin , Mütterlein, Kosmokrator
Ville Namur
Salle Le Belvédère (localiser)
Infos ASHES OF M. proudly presents:
A very special evening with four splendid bands sharing the same fascination for dark music, albeit each in their own distinctive way:
The monumental KOSMOKRATOR (Belgium - Van Records) will perfume the Belvedere with the sound and scent of Occult Death Metal and leave the audience in a hypnotic state for the whole evening.
Brilliantly mixing elements coming from genres as diverse as Industrial, Darkwave and Doom Metal, MÜTTERLEIN (France - Debemur Morti Productions) will then make you live - for the first time in Belgium - an intense and devastating experience.
Presenting their fantastic second opus "Devils, Death and Dark Arts", the relentless HELLERUIN (The Netherlands - New Era Productions) will celebrate Traditional Black Metal with a wild show only they are capable of.
Ending on a high note, Lennart Bossu's (Amenra) new project, PREDATORY VOID (Belgium - Century Media) will bring you on an absolutely discomforting and sludgy journey into your worst nightmare.
Presale: 25€
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  • Créé par terofal le 16/07/2023
  • Dernière modification par terofal le 16/07/2023
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