Date Samedi 10 novembre 2018 à 19:30
Groupe Yellow Eyes + Anicon + Guests
Ville Paris
Salle TBD (localiser)
Infos YELLOW EYES (New York, USA - Gilead Media)

About Yellow Eyes:

Yellow Eyes are a Black Metal band based in Brooklyn, NY.
Formed in 2010, the band has amassed a significant discography in their 8 year existence, with the Autumn of 2017
marking the release of their much lauded 4th full-length, Immersion Trench Reverie on Gilead Media. After exclusive
performances celebrating the release in the Spring of 2018 at Roadburn Festival on the Het Patronaat Stage as well
as Doom Over Leipzig, the Autumn will see the band return to European shores with allies Anicon to bring their dark
art to new audiences. As they have with each recording and every successive live performance, Yellow Eyes
continue to maintain a fierce and uncompromising spirit of independence that has defined their focused and
deliberate career. The band aims not only to maintain that willful discipline, but to take every performance as an
opportunity to step beyond and push their delirious sound into new and increasingly hallucinatory territory.

"Tumultuous and majestic, haunting and perilous, morose and delirious, and constantly shifting gears and tonal
colors... I was left completely wide-eyed by it."

- No Clean Singing -

ANICON (New York, USA - Vendetta Records)

About Anicon:

Anicon began as a two-man recording project in late 2010 and we would perform live for the first time as a full band in December of 2012. Since then we have played countless shows, completed numerous tours, and released 7 original recordings — Entropy Mantra is the 8th. We’ve been described as an atmospheric band and we ‘ve been described as a riff band — we are both. Our only goal has been to write the most compelling music within our ability and to perform it with conviction.

Anicon attempt to concoct equal amounts of pessimistic Scandinavian melodic black-metal with the contemporary ‘experimental’ touches of US bands such as Krallice. 2016’s debut record Exegeses was a dark, and winding black metal album.

- angrymetalguy -

■ Samedi 10 novembre //// 2018
■ 19h
■ Prix à déterminer.
■ Secret place...

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